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Botox/Xeomin: Post Treatment Instructions

The success of the treatment may largely depend on some of the decisions you make afterward.

It’s important to realize what a Botox/Xeomin treatment is. A special neurotoxin is injected into a specific area of the face to paralyze certain muscles. This stops the (usually unconscious) contracting that contributes to wrinkles and TMJ disorders. This treatment is highly effective, but it also requires 8-10 days for the full effects. In the meantime:


  • Keep your head upright for at least four hours after the treatment. This way, you won’t put too much pressure around the injection site and can prevent blood flow from increasing.
  • Move your face (particularly the injected area) for the first hour after treatment. Frowning, smiling, and raising your eyebrows are all good ways to do this. These actions will make it easier for the Botox to reach the cells it’s targeting.
  • Avoid the sun, strenuous exercise and saunas—which will inactivate the botulinum toxin protein.


  • Do not touch the injection area, as this might end up moving it to unintended muscles.
  • Do not travel too far from your dentist immediately after the treatment. If there are unintended side effects, you’ll want to have the problem addressed immediately.
  • Do not apply makeup or a spray tan for at least 6 hours after receiving Botox. Doing so could create risk for infection.
  • Do not receive a facial massage for at least 2 weeks after treatment; again, this is to avoid moving the toxin protein to areas besides where it is meant to go.