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Generally speaking, your teeth are strong and can withstand a lot of things including trauma due to an accident. However, they may sometimes break, chip, or cause you significant pain. When this happens, any discomfort can seem to drag on, especially if the incident has happened outside of regular dental office hours. No one should have to endure dental pain or discomfort for any longer than they should, which is why Pursel Dental offers same-day treatment and emergency dentistry for Johnstown, PA, residents.

Do I Need Emergency Dentistry?

Because anything having to do with your teeth and gums can be extremely uncomfortable to endure, you may think that anything out of the norm is cause for emergency dentistry. However, not every situation requires you to seek immediate care.

Treatment for cracked, broken, or knocked-out teeth can either wait until the next day when dental offices are open or they may need to be attended to immediately. The treatment required depends on how severe the injury or trauma is. In general, you should come to Pursel Dental for emergency dentistry if the crack in your tooth is severe, a large piece is missing, if you suspect you have nerve damage, or if you’re completely missing a tooth.

What to Do in the Meantime

While you’re waiting to get treatment for your tooth, try to handle it as little as you can. If you can fit your tooth or the piece of your tooth back into the socket, do so while biting down on either a wet gauze or tea bag. If you can’t get the tooth or piece to stay in the socket, rinse it off and then keep it in a glass of milk or saliva until you see a dentist.

Same-Day Treatment

If you’re in pain, give Pursel Dental a call. Our expert staff will assess the situation to see if you need immediate treatment for your tooth. In some cases, even if you’re in extreme pain, emergency treatment is not necessary. However, if we feel you need to be attended to as quickly as possible, we’ll most likely be able to fit you in the day you call. We understand that emergencies happen at any time, which is why we leave slots throughout our business hours to accommodate same-day treatment for emergencies

Pain-Free Dentistry

We also offer pain-free dentistry in addition to our emergency services. While traditional fillings require anesthesia and other possibly painful steps, we use a Waterlase laser to eliminate pain. If you or a loved one is afraid of pain, this is a great alternative to traditional fillings.

You’re already in a lot of pain, so the kind and patient dental staff at Pursel Dental in Johnstown, PA, will do everything we can to reduce, instead of add, to your pain. With years of experience and training under their belt, our dentists and their assistants will tend to your problems quickly and professionally.